Are you free yet?

Are you Free yet? Freedom comes with the identity you see yourself as well as In Christ. People get worn out by their comparisons and imprisonment of the routines they’re in. Creativity can help set the day to day operation to another level when you set out to look for challenges you’ve been so scared to try. Painting is the biggest challenge for me and its a wonder of continuous trial and error. Be Free and think like a kid again, be like a kid again, and even play like a kid again! Literally go out of your comfort zone by doing something hilarious you would’ve done as a child without the preconceived fear of Judgment. Just Be Free! Sometimes loving people that are hated or tossed aside is a sign of you being a child again. Expect the Best and Hope for the Best! When you mess up, just move on and forgive and forget asap.

A giant part of my latest works are about going back to the most simple designs a kid would make with a touch of experience to knock out the kinks in unwanted areas. As a kid I scribbled everywhere, now I scribble everywhere with the freedom of the unknown with an added sharpness to it  becomes a product of double expression. To achieve what’s been lost as a kid we must go back to that state of wonder and experiment with memory. 

Where’s your passion gone? Is it there yet? Where in the heck is it? 100% isn’t a trend, it’s just a heart that wants more of what’s uncomfortable to get to newer levels in life.


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